Shark Wheels Fathom Roam Mini Drop Complete Skateboard

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Who says you can't reinvent the wheel? This Fathom Mini Drop Through Longboard with Shark Wheels has done just that. So what separates this board among the rest? Its Shark Wheels. This new, innovative design is the reinvention of the wheel, literally. These wheels ride smoother, last longer, and glide faster than traditional wheels. Shark Wheels combined with its mini drop-through board design, this one-of-a-kind board turns and carves in a snap. Its design also keeps the center of gravity very low to the ground so control and maneuverability are unparalleled. Quickly and easily cruise around town on this mini drop-through complete board. 

  • Faster - Sine-wave shaped wheels that are faster and rider smoother than traditional wheels
  • Better slide control - Less friction and rolling resistance with 3 different lips for better slide control
  • Multi-terrain - Grooves in the wheels push away debris to allow for a smoother ride across different terrains
  • Longer Lasting - Wheels lasts 15% longer than industry leading wheels and wear perfectly even
  • Fully assembled and ready to ride right out of the box
  • Concave profile makes turning and carving a snap
  • Full deck clear grip tape
  • Board material: 7-Ply Hardrock Maple
  • Dimensions: 27 x 9 inches
  • Truck: 150mm Black Powder Coated Reverse King Pin
  • Bearings: High performance ABEC 3 precision bearings
  • Wheels: 60mm, 78A Shark Wheel California Roll
  • Manufacturer warranty: 30-day warranty