My First Blog- Scary!

My First Blog- Scary!

Welcome to my first Outcast Surf Co. Blog.  It's part of my homework.  Anthony is making amazing surfboards and it's my job to do the behind the scenes stuff like the web site.  But guess what?  Just because you build it- doesn't mean they will come and buy out your inventory!  Who knew?  There's a lot of other stuff you have to do to find and keep customers.  

 It's a LOT.  I never expected it to be so hard.  

The funny thing is- there is heaps of info about it.  And most of it is useless.  Not only that- a lot of it is malicious.

I did a search on "custom surfboards blog" and every single one of them was a sales pitch of some kind.  You won't find that in my blog.  

Do we want to you to buy a custom board or Futures Fins or other accessories or Outcast branded t-shirts and coffee mugs from us?  Of course we do.  But this blog is about the behind the scenes work that it takes to do business in the digital age.  Because I'm doing a lot of work to figure out how to do this right and I know we have family and friends working on, or wanting to work on a new business idea.

No matter what you do these days- you have to understand digital marketing.  That includes internet marketing like SEO and SEM.  Email marketing- which means you have to have people to send emails to.  Which means you have to understand about lead generation and lead magnets.  

And it goes on and on.  A rabbit hole of little blue links, apps, vendors, sites, emails in your inbox.  Everything has to be vetted and researched.  

If I'm going to go all the trouble I might as well try and share with you. And maybe you'll share with me.  

I'm new.  It's a journey.  But my goal is to help you find the RIGHT information.  

And the next time you're ready for a new board- call Anthony.  His boards are awesome and I'm very proud of him! ;)

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